Един от гениалните разказвачи и сатирици в българската литература – Елин Пелин

In the face of Elin Pelin Bulgarian literature is one of the classics of fiction and the biggest artist – realistic the Bulgarian village. He alone is recreated village actually very truthful in its typicality and vibrant diversity. 

Introducing the 10 most memorable quotes of Elin Pelin, a rating of "top 10"

First. "This whole world is sick son. Some of this, some of that. No healthy person in the world. watch iron body and soul – rotten." 
From "Spasova Mound"

Two. "Were it not for evil, no one will know what is good." 
from "The Prophet"

Three. " We live worms in the wood, each biting and makes his way according to his strength. " 
from "The Prophet"

Four. "Love flees from men's hearts, people are no longer brothers." 
From "Geratsite"

Five. " They'll be fine work. Evil is not permanent, it is master of the human heart. "
From "Geratsite"

6 "Books are like people – they grow older, become wise."

7 ". Went Zlatitza grandfather,
lost his glove.
're playing lawn
little squirt fret
saw glove
and warmer is svryala. "

from "Grandpa's glove"

Eight. " Hey, guys, this trouble for you little! plague plague your lies! drowned in sins to neck, sold their souls to the devil, remember post interfering soaked and provoked God … Now what you have liver Serbia! your word to renew the chapel below the village – do not want! Pull now!
From "Plague of God"

9. " Everything, everything is buried in mud – and souls and hearts and minds and people and cattle, and all lament … Forever, forever pushing helpless, always hated the mouthwash out of this mire. Neither have wings nor space there … And enslaved soul wants to live freely, widely and fully … Willingly, broad and full, what a sense contain these words? " 
from "Cal"

10. "When it started raining, so a whole week! Quiet, quiet, day and night. raining, raining, raining – good mother watered land pa soft breeze blew, the sky clean and pekna warm autumn sun. dried the fields. Deal time – only for plowing. "
from "furrow"


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